cPanel Email Filtering to Stop Chinese or non-English Character SPAM

Customers complained about “Chinese SPAM” even after filtering was being handled by SpamExperts. This post is based on the good work from Dr. John.

I am long time cPanel/WHM user and customer for LAMP sites. I use EZPZ Hosting and highly recommend them; this an honest referral. Thankfully EZPZ uses SpamExperts to handle the “heavy lifting” for incoming SPAM filtering. However, even with SpamExperts, customers still got “Chinese SPAM” or emails containing non-English characters.

Here is a sample email that got through SpamExperts and needed to be blocked:

Here is how to filter it easily with cPanel regex:

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Go to “Account-Level Filtering” (or User-Level Filtering if you want to pick a specific email address)
  3. Hit “Create New Filter”
  4. And enter the following:
    The drop-down shows a few good options. You can outright discard the message, which is easy, but I recommend the “Deliver to Folder”. This places the filtered emails in a users’ email folder (e.g. Junk E-mail folder) for review or retrieval in case any of these filtered emails are needed. All email that matches the regex will go to this users’ email folder. If you want to filter per user and not globally for the domain, the User-Level Filtering allows you to create the same regex filter for each user.

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