1971 Suzuki MT50 TrailHopper

Its been too long.
Small engines are a personal hobby; something I can do with our kids and my father. And its an opportunity to learn from “old” technology. I sincerely enjoy understanding the designs of the past; especially when we can’t implement the simplicity today (e.g. due to emissions).

My father picked this up. A first year, all original, one-owner 1971 Suzuki MT50 Trail-Hopper. Has 2665 miles on it. Included is an old Suzuki ad for this fun little machine (courtesy of CollectorsWeekly).

In the process of getting it back running, I could not locate a Service Manual for the MT50 that was freely available. Its important to pay it forward. Here is a scanned copy of a complete Suzuki Service Manual & Part List for Suzuki MT50 TrailHopper 1971, 1972, & 1973.
The best section? Reed valves and C.C.I. pages 103-108.

1971, 1972, & 1973 Suzuki MT50 Service & Parts Manual

May we take this opportunity to express our appreciation for your continuous efforts in expanding the sales market for our products. At this time we have marketed the Suzuki MT50, which has been made completely new in style and excellent in performance.
The Suzuki MT50 has outstanding mechanisms such as reed valve, Suzuki "C.C.I." system and automatic clutch.
The engine performance has been improved especially in low speed and climbing ability. And also its top speed registers 48-56 k m/h (30-35 mph).
This Service Manual explains, mainly, the principles and construction of these new mechanisms.

The most important items, such as disassembling, assembling, tips on adjusting, maintenance standards and tips on handling, are briefly but clearly described in this Manual.
By making a practice of using this Manual, it will assist you in performing perfect servicing.

October, 1970

5 thoughts on “1971 Suzuki MT50 TrailHopper”

  1. I found a 1971 suzuki trail hopper and it was in fair good condition , I wanted to make it my rally bike but wanted to have has many of the original parts back,on it I’m missing the right side cover and gas tank top,I ordered one for it but it wasn’t near the same . I’m also having problems with it burning spark plugs, I need help guys I’m a girl but love bike and would love to be able to fix this on back to mint condition

  2. I would like to thank you for the manual and I was looking for a wiring diagram for the for a while.

  3. just bought a Trail Hopper in need of some parts are there any catalogs or web sites to help ??

  4. Thank you for this manual! Have a 1972 Trailhopper that I’m working on to get running and this manual will help very much…thanks again!

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