The 1987 Suzuki LT-4WD QuadRunner: A 4WD That Reaches New Heights

We all have our favorites: our 1987 Suzuki has been a childhood favorite and with our family since childhood. From the cabin, to the farm, to plowing snow, to pulling trailers, to super-low diff lock — its arguably the most reliable and best ATV ever made. No chains. No belts. Well loved.

A goal is to make this a resource to keep these machines alive.
More to come with specific tips, facts, and information specific to the:

  • LT-4WD 1987-1998 Suzuki QuadRunner 250
  • LT-F250F 1999-2002 Suzuki QuadRunner 250 – newer body style
  • LT-F4WDX 1991-1998 Suzuki King Quad 300 [300cc]
  • LT-F300F 1999-2002 Suzuki King Quad 300 [300cc] – newer body style

“Tackle the tough terrain in four-wheel drive, or switch easily to two-wheel drive using the dash mounted lever and discover what it can really do. The front differential can even be locked when in super low range for extra traction on snow, mud and ice.”

Suzuki lived up to the ads. I purchased NOS brochures and the official Suzuki Service Manual off eBay a few years ago and scanned them in an attempt to preserve history. The ad at the top was the first year: 1987 model pictures. Square axle nut boots (cone shaped all other years ), silver skid plate up front (black all other years), and the only year with the flip up/down front and rear racks.
The LT-4WD had a retail price of $3298.00.

Here is the sales brochure from 1995:

Amazingly you can still [supposedly] purchase the King Quad 300 new in Australia; some 29 years after the original King Quad 300 was introduced and a full 34 years after the QuadRunner 250.

“The LT-4WD was able to give off-road enthusiast the ability to explore new limits on the trails or around the farm. The LT-4WD was the beginning of the sport-utility ATV at Suzuki.”

3 thoughts on “The 1987 Suzuki LT-4WD QuadRunner: A 4WD That Reaches New Heights”

  1. We have 2 1987 Suzuki 250 Quad Runners. One needs a new carburetor and have been advised that the replacements found on sites such as Amazon are complete junk. Just wondering if you’ve had any experience with replacing a carburetor. Any information would be wonderful.
    We LOVE both of ours and are Very sad to think that we might be losing one. My dad and uncle bought these at the same time, and we have inherited them. (So basically, we are the original owners.) And yes, from the cabin and hunting, to the ranch feeding cows to now being retired on smaller property….we love them!.
    Thank you in advance. Nancy

    1. Thanks Nancy.
      eBay is the best option for replacement carbs. Search “13200-19B02”. There are a few in great condition for <$100. I prefer the older 1987-1989 slide carburetors vs. the CV vacuum carbs introduced in 1990 and used for the King Quad 300.

    2. The early bikes have a different carb and as far as I’m aware not available aftermarket, the eBay carb could be made to fit but do have a poor reputation. What exactly is wrong with your carb because even reall y bad ones can be saved ..I know..I do it!

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