Windows 10 Start Menu Crash/Freeze & Repair

For the reasons Windows 10 is an upgrade, a freezing start menu is beyond frustrating. After rebuilding the Windows Search database, confirming DISM is healthy, did a CHKDSK and System File Checker, I was running out of ideas.

Then I came across this: Reset Windows 10 Start Menu “TileDataLayer”. which led to Fix Windows 10 Start Button Does Nothing in 10 Minutes and a repair tool from Microsoft released in June 2016 (direct link). So this is a known issue.

Before becoming aware of the Microsoft utility, I did my own fix. Using a tool called Unlocker (portable version; part of my digital toolbox) you can forcibly rename/delete files locked by the system. FYI, Unlocker can cause false-positives with anti-virus software. If you are concerned, please upload your downloaded copy to VirusTotal for a second scan.

Using Unlocker, I went to the following location:unlocker_choose_folder


Hit “OK”. Action should be “Rename” and change the name to “DatabaseBackup“.


Finally you should get the following prompt; his “Yes”.


Let the system reboot.
Now – Reboot again – a second time

You will have to recreate your tiles but your start button should at least work and search.

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