June 2024 Update

This is an update to education we have presented for the past 10 years at Calvary Church. It was originally shared online in this 2015 post.
Major changes since last version:
–recommend the ASUS AiProtection Pro (as Netgear has unfortunately started charging for the Smart Parental Controls–the older Netgear Circle is preferred).
–“dumbing down” smartphones vs. flip phones (as most MVNO carriers only support smartphones).
–any mobile device with cellular data should include MDM (e.g. Qustodio).

The world is now at our fingertips and it can be dizzying how fast things change. This elective equips parents to understand the technology needed for an internet-safe home and how to make wise choices related to children and their use of technology at different stages of their lives. Hardware and software recommendations will be covered during this time.

As part of our ongoing effort to partner with you, encourage you, and provide you with resources, we invite you to join us on Sunday, June 2, at 9:30am in the East Room as Dale Weaver leads this conversation about internet safety technology.

During this elective, we will help parents explore options for:
–using effective technology to provide safer internet access at home.
–using resources for learning about popular programs, games, and apps.
–gradually exposing your child to devices with content that is focused on learning and interaction with you, the parents.
–introducing your child to the internet in a timely and healthy way.
–providing your child with a personal device while keeping safe controls in place.
–helping your kids develop a plan to manage the challenges of technology use at college and beyond.

PowerPoint PDF.

Slide Handout PDF.